Dockside Pickup Program

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You can view our product list on the website,  Click on Our Products at the top of the home screen.  Select the category you want to view.  If there is a ‘View Piece’ button, items can be ordered in smaller quantities.  Most fresh herbs, produce, spices, dry fruits and nuts can even be ordered in quantities less than a pound.

To Order: 

– Call (608-255-4802) or Email (

– Order cut off for next day pick up is 3 pm

– Provide your name (first and last), phone number, requested pickup day and time

– Available pick up times are Monday through Friday, between 9 & 3

– If placing the order by email:

– State the requested pickup day and time in the subject line

– Example: Dockside Monday, 4/13 2:30-3:30

– Start a new email each order; do not continue an email string

– Give us your list; please do not use the item codes/numbers that are listed on our site.  An example of an order would be:

3# bananas

10 each granny smith apples

1 gallon skim milk

1# strawberry

2 oz basil


Any item you may have forgotten to place on your original order needs to be called in to our office – do not email adjustments.


To Pick Up:

– Be here within the hour of the time you requested; call us if you are running an hour or more beyond that

– Come around to the back of our building by the loading dock @ 1337 Gilson St.

– Call 608-255-4802 to let us know you are here, how you are paying and what color/make vehicle you are in

– We’ll bring the order out to you and will handle payment at that time

– Preferred payment is cash or check, but credit card is acceptable

-If you want your total due prior to picking up, please request this at the time of your order and we will call you with that info when it is ready.