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New and Prospective Customers
At R.E. Golden Produce, we welcome the opportunity to help you start your new business, or improve your current one. We serve some of the finest eating establishments in southern Wisconsin and are always interested in adding to our customer base. Contact Tom, Devin or Nick to inquire about setting up an account.

For Delivery
We do same day delivery, six days a week, for orders placed before noon (we prefer by 11:00 am). Orders placed after that time will be delivered the next day, excluding Sundays.

For Pick Up
We are open from 6:00am to 2:00 pm, or other times by appointment, Monday through Saturday.

Please order what you want. If you want 1/4# of basil, order 1/4# of basil. If you want five Granny Smith Apples, order by the piece. For items ordered by the piece that are sold by weight, you will be charged by how much the pieces weigh. Many items are provided by the case, also and some items have minimum quantities.

Ordering Times
Place your order when it is convenient for you. We pick and coordinate our orders the morning of the delivery, so any time prior to 5 am the day of will assure you a prompt delivery time. We also take same day delivery orders up to 11am. So, if you happen to come in for the morning shift and your Sous-Chef forgot to place your produce order, just call us. Or, if it is more convenient to come in every morning and count your inventory and place your order for same day delivery regularly, that is not a problem. Just a note, orders placed the day prior, for next day delivery, make the early round of trucks. Same day deliveries leave our warehouse between 11:00 am and noon.

By Phone:
If no one answers, you may use voicemail. Press #1 to leave your order. Please state your name, establishment you are calling for, and please speak slowly and clearly.

By Fax:

By Email:

An account application is available for those who would like to apply for credit with us. Click here for an application, and mail or fax it in. For further information on credit, contact Tom at